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Your Product’s Identity: Price Tag & Jewelry Label Collection

Presenting a professional image is quintessential in retail, and Zakka Canada's "Price Tag & Jewelry Label" collection aids in achieving just that. Our meticulously designed tags and labels not only provide essential information but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your merchandise.

What is tag and label?

Tags and labels are instruments used in retail to communicate crucial information about a product to the customer. While they serve a similar purpose, their design and the way they attach to the product might differ. They display details such as the price, brand name, care instructions, or other pertinent details about the product they are attached to.

What is the difference between a price tag and a label?

A price tag primarily provides information about the cost of the item. It is usually attached to the product with a string or plastic fastener. On the other hand, a label, often adhesive, can offer a broader range of information including the brand name, size, care instructions, and sometimes price as well. Labels are typically adhered directly to the product or its packaging.

Zakka Canada’s "Price Tag & Jewelry Label" collection encompasses a variety of tags and labels to suit different products and brand aesthetics. Our price tags are designed to be easily attachable and detachable, ensuring a hassle-free pricing display. The jewelry labels, tailored to the small and delicate nature of jewelry items, adhere securely while providing necessary information without overshadowing the elegance of the jewelry.

The collection provides an array of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from, ensuring there’s a perfect tag or label for every product in your store. Explore our collection and select the tags and labels that resonate with your brand’s image and the information you wish to convey.

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36 of 44 Items