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Looking for the perfect way to display your long, delicate necklaces? A neck bust stand from Zakka Canada is the ideal solution. Neck busts are shaped like the upper torso and neck of a woman, providing a realistic way to showcase your necklace designs. The bust's proportions beautifully frame long, dangling statement necklaces as well as chokers.

Neck busts prevent necklaces from becoming a tangled mess. Simply drape your necklaces over the display stand's neck and shoulders. The smooth, headless bust keeps long chains neatly untangled and ready to admire. Bust stands are also ideal for photographing necklaces, allowing the pendant to hang properly.

Zakka Canada's neck busts are constructed from durable styrene plastic. Our neck busts are designed to support the weight of your precious necklaces without tipping over. The white color provides a neutral backdrop to highlight different necklace metals and stones.

For the best necklace display, look for a bust that matches your necklace length. Standard bust size is around 16 inches tall. A longer 20 inch bust allows very long statement necklaces to hang freely without dragging on the surface below. Zakka Canada's neck bust selection includes sizes for displaying chokers to extra long chains.

Keep your necklace collection organized and easy to access with Zakka Canada's neck bust display stands. Browse our collection to find the perfect bust for showcasing your necklace creations.

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36 of 40 Items