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Keep your jewelry, gifts, and fragile goods protected in transit with Zakka Canada’s selection of sturdy shipping boxes. Our corrugated and mailer boxes are specially designed for safe delivery of delicate items.

The corrugated slot boxes feature interior cutouts that hold jewelry and accessories securely. The snug fit prevents shifting and tangling. Rigid corrugated boxes have a stronger construction to prevent crushing.

For smaller items,  our Shipping Mailer Boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your brand's aesthetic. These boxes are perfect for shipping gifts and jewelry, offering both functionality and style.

Bulk quantity discounts available. Let us help you package your valuables to arrive safely.

For secure shipping of fragile jewelry, gifts, and specialty items, explore our selection of sturdy corrugated and mailer boxes.


How to choose the right size mailer box for your product? This blog will help!

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18 of 18 Items