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Elevate Your Jewelry Business with's Versatile Display Sets


The presentation of your jewelry can either captivate potential buyers or make them pass by without a second look. Whether you're running a small boutique or a high-end retail store, offers an array of jewelry display sets to fit your needs. With varying set sizes, diverse materials, and a plethora of colors, this guide will walk you through why's offerings could be your ultimate game-changer.

Display Set Sizes: A Size for Every Need

3-Piece Sets

Ideal for boutiques and small businesses, the 3-piece sets offer a compact yet elegant display solution.

15-20 Piece Sets

If you have a mid-range inventory, these sets offer more display options while maintaining a cohesive look.

30-Piece Sets

For the most extensive collections, the 30-piece sets ensure that each piece of jewelry gets its moment in the spotlight.

Material Matters: Velvet, Leather, and Wooden Options

Velvet Display Sets

Velvet provides a backdrop of opulence, making it perfect for showcasing luxury items like diamond and gold jewelry.

Leather Display Sets

Leather adds a modern, sleek look that pairs well with both classic and contemporary jewelry designs.

Wooden Display Sets

Wooden display sets offer an earthy, rustic touch, making them ideal for bohemian or vintage collections.

Color Your Display: A Palette for Every Brand


A classic choice, black creates a sharp contrast, making jewelry items pop.


For a clean, minimalist look, white displays offer an airy feel and let the jewelry take center stage.

Dark Green

Dark green sets evoke a sense of luxury and depth, ideal for antique or heirloom collections.


For a feminine touch, pink displays work great for items targeted at younger demographics.

Steel Grey

Sophisticated and versatile, steel grey complements a wide variety of metals and gemstones.

Why Choose

Quality Assurance

All display sets undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and visual appeal.

Customization offers customization options to match the specific needs of your brand.

Competitive Pricing

With a range of sets to suit all budgets, provides cost-effective yet high-quality solutions.


  • How do I know which material will work best for my store?

    • Consider your overall store theme and the type of jewelry you sell. Velvet works well for high-end stores, leather suits a modern aesthetic, and wood is excellent for a rustic or earthy look.
  • Are these display sets easy to clean?

    • Yes, the materials are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to clean. However, it's essential to follow the specific cleaning guidelines for each material type.
  • Can I mix and match different set sizes?

    • Absolutely,’s range allows for flexible configurations to suit your display needs.
  • Do the colors fade over time?

    • The high-quality materials and finishes used ensure that the colors remain vibrant with proper care.
  • How soon can I expect delivery?

    • Delivery times vary based on your location and customization options but generally, expect your set to arrive within a week for standard orders.


Choosing the right display sets for your jewelry business is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. offers a versatile range of sizes, materials, and colors to ensure that your jewelry is presented in the best possible way. Take your store's visual merchandising to the next level with's premium jewelry display sets.

Given your focus on e-commerce and the Canadian market,'s display sets can be an excellent addition to your current offerings. They not only provide practical solutions for storage and display but also add aesthetic value, which can significantly enhance customer experience and potentially boost sales.


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