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Ease of Packaging with Fold & Tuck Box Collection

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of packaging with Zakka Canada's "Fold & Tuck Box" collection. These boxes are designed for ease of assembly while ensuring a secure and attractive packaging solution for your jewelry and other small gifts. The aesthetic appeal combined with practical functionality makes our Fold & Tuck Boxes a go-to choice for both retailers and individuals.

What is a tuck and fold box?

A tuck and fold box is a type of packaging that is designed for easy assembly without the need for any adhesive or additional fasteners. The design includes pre-scored lines where the box is folded and tabs or flaps (tucks) that are inserted into slots to secure the box's shape. The simplicity of the design allows for quick packaging while ensuring a secure enclosure, making tuck and fold boxes an efficient and attractive packaging solution.

Fold & Tuck Packaging Boxes

Fold and Tuck Boxes are good for gift and jewellery packaging. Please note "special order item" will be available in 8-10 weeks after you place the order online. Check out below for our eco friendly and space friendly boxes.

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13 of 13 Items