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Ship Smarter, Not Harder: Introducing ZakkaCanada's Game-Changing Shipping-Friendly Boxes



When it comes to e-commerce, particularly in the jewelry sector, shipping costs can be a significant overhead expense. Enter ZakkaCanada's Shipping-Friendly Boxes—a groundbreaking solution to trim your expenses without compromising on the safety or aesthetics of your packaging. These ultra-slim boxes are designed to comply with Canada Post's regulations, allowing them to be shipped as mail rather than parcels, thus offering significant cost savings. Here's what you need to know.


The Issue: The High Cost of Parcel Shipping

Shipping expenses can quickly add up, especially if you're sending out multiple parcels a day. The costs are even higher for smaller businesses, which often lack the bargaining power to negotiate bulk shipping rates.


The Ingenious Solution: Shipping-Friendly Boxes

Two years ago, innovated these Shipping-Friendly Boxes with a thickness of approximately 1.7 cm. Designed to be compliant with Canada Post's 2 cm thickness limit for mail, these boxes allow for a drastic reduction in shipping costs.

Why Thickness Matters

Canada Post allows for packages with a thickness of up to 2 cm to be shipped as mail rather than as parcels. This rule offers a financial advantage that ZakkaCanada has capitalized upon, making shipping more economical for your business.


Customization: Your Brand, Your Way

Various Sizes

These boxes come in multiple dimensions, catering to a range of jewelry types, from delicate rings to elaborate necklaces.

Assorted Colors

Choose from an array of colors to ensure your packaging is consistent with your brand's visual identity.

Logo Printing

For an extra touch of professionalism, ZakkaCanada also offers custom logo printing on these shipping-friendly boxes.


How Much Can You Save?

An in-depth comparison showing potential savings, breaking down the cost differences between standard parcel rates and the reduced mail rates when using ZakkaCanada's Shipping-Friendly Boxes.


Testimonials: Real Savings, Real Businesses

Hear from other businesses who have benefitted from switching to ZakkaCanada’s Shipping-Friendly Boxes and how much they've saved.  Please check the videos show our customer logo print boxes




  • How durable are these Shipping-Friendly Boxes? These boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, ensuring your jewelry arrives in impeccable condition.

  • Can I order these boxes in bulk? Yes, bulk ordering options are available, offering even more cost savings.

  • Do these boxes meet environmental standards? ZakkaCanada is committed to sustainability, and these boxes are recyclable and made from eco-friendly materials.

  • What's the turnaround time for custom orders? Custom orders typically take around 7–21 business days, including custom printing.

  • How do I switch from my current boxes to these Shipping-Friendly Boxes? Making the switch is easy, and our customer service team is here to guide you through the process.


ZakkaCanada’s Shipping-Friendly Boxes are not just a product; they are a game-changing solution for your jewelry business. By understanding the regulations and limitations of Canada Post and innovating around them, offers an ingenious way to cut costs and enhance your bottom line. Start shipping smarter, not harder, with ZakkaCanada today.

Given your focus on e-commerce and optimizing costs, these Shipping-Friendly Boxes align perfectly with your strategy. Not only can you offer valuable content to your audience about cost-saving in shipping, but you could potentially benefit from this innovative solution as well.



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