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Welcoming U.S. Buyers to ZakkaCanada: Your Go-To Destination for Jewelry Display and Packaging Solutions

Welcoming U.S. Buyers to ZakkaCanada: Your Go-To Destination for Jewelry Display and Packaging Solutions

Posted by ZakkaCanada on 9th Oct 2023

For over 15 years, ZakkaCanada has carved a niche in the Canadian market as a reputable provider of specialized display and packaging solutions for jewelry stores. Our journey, fueled by a passion for delivering quality and value, has not only earned us a solid customer base in Canada but also a growing clientele in the United States. As we continually evolve to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our U.S. buyers, ensuring an effortless shopping experience from across the border.

welcoming U.S. buyer for jewelry display

One of the concerns that our U.S. customers previously had was the cost of shipping. High shipping rates can be a deterrent for international buyers, but the good news is that the dynamics have changed favorably. Over the past couple of years, the development of Canadian logistics companies has significantly reduced the shipping costs from Canada to the U.S. In some instances, it's even more cost-effective to ship to the U.S. than within certain regions of Canada. For instance, shipping a product weighing under one kilogram to the U.S. costs about $8 USD, while the same weight might cost over $10 USD to ship to British Columbia. Moreover, the shipping times are highly competitive, with deliveries reaching the U.S. East Coast in just 2-3 days and the West Coast areas like Los Angeles in 5-7 days.

The second concern often revolves around customs duties. The apprehension of incurring additional customs charges when importing products from Canada to the U.S. is legitimate. However, the reality is quite reassuring. U.S. customers are not required to pay any taxes on our website as purchases are essentially exports from Canada, which are tax-exempt. Furthermore, the U.S. government offers a customs duty exemption for imports valued at $800 USD or less, making purchases within this amount completely tax-free.

Custom-Made Solutions: Transforms Your Jewelry Business INTRODUCTION When it comes to standing out in the crowded landscape of the jewelry industry, branding is crucial. That’s where Zakka Canada comes in. Our range of custom-made solutions can provide your business with that distinctive edge, making your brand unforgettable. From logo-printed gift bags to custom stickers, we have an array of options to bring your brand to life.  THE IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOM BRANDING Custom branding isn't just a trend; it's an essential aspect of modern business that can significantly influence your customer's perception. According to a survey by Forbes, 45% of customers are willing to spend more for a better brand experience. Custom branding gives you that opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level, making them loyal to your brand.  WHY CHOOSE ZAKKA CANADA FOR CUSTOMIZATION? We understand the intricacies of the jewelry industry, and our custom-made solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Zakka Canada offers a blend of quality, affordability, and customer service that sets us apart. With years of experience, we have honed our processes to ensure that your branding elements are not just beautiful but also functional.  WHAT’S IN THE BRANDING PACKAGE? Our comprehensive branding package is designed to cover all facets of your business, from packaging to after-sales. Here’s what’s included:  Logo-Printed Gift Bags When your customer walks out of your store, the first thing people notice is the bag they’re carrying. Make a lasting impression with our high-quality, custom logo-printed gift bags.  Custom Jewelry Boxes A jewelry box is more than just a container; it’s an extension of your brand. Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to showcase your products in the most flattering light, making unboxing an experience.  Personalized Jewelry Cards Present your jewelry in style with our personalized jewelry cards. These cards are not only a practical way to display your items but also an opportunity to tell your brand's story.  Custom Stickers for Your Business A well-designed sticker can serve multiple purposes, from sealing your packaging to acting as a mini billboard for your brand. Zakka Canada offers custom stickers to match your branding needs.  Unique Price Tags Don’t overlook the little details like price tags. Our custom-made price tags are designed to blend seamlessly with your other branding elements, providing a cohesive look.  Jewelry Polishing Cloths Why not offer your customers something extra? Our jewelry polishing cloths can be customized with your logo, adding another layer to your brand experience.  HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR CUSTOM BRANDING Ordering your custom branding package from Zakka Canada is a straightforward process. From initial consultation to delivery, we keep you in the loop at every stage.  Designing Your Logo If you don't already have a logo, our in-house design team can help you create one that resonates with your brand identity.  Production Timeline Once the designs are finalized, we provide a detailed production timeline so you know exactly what to expect and when.  Quality Assurance Process Every product goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet our high standards before shipping.  Shipping and Delivery We offer multiple shipping options, including eco-friendly choices, to suit your needs and budget.  BUDGETING FOR CUSTOM BRANDING Custom branding is an investment in your business. We offer flexible pricing options to suit different budgets without compromising on quality.  ROI: WHAT TO EXPECT Investing in custom branding offers excellent returns, both in terms of customer loyalty and increased sales. According to a study by Business Insider, businesses that invest in branding can expect an ROI of up to 300%.  CASE STUDIES: SUCCESS STORIES We've helped numerous businesses elevate their brand. Read some of our success stories to see how custom branding has transformed their business.  ECO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, we offer eco-friendly branding solutions that don't compromise on quality.  CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE Our commitment to you doesn't end with delivery. We offer exceptional after-sales service to ensure you're completely satisfied with your custom branding package.  FAQS How long does it take to receive my custom branding package?   1-3 weeks. Can I order in bulk?  Yes Do you offer international shipping?   Yes Is there a minimum order requirement?   Normally it is 100pcs How do I care for my custom-made products?  Please check descriptions. CONCLUSION Branding is not just about logos and catchy slogans; it’s about creating an experience that makes your customers come back for more. With Zakka Canada’s custom-made branding packages, your jewelry business will not just survive but thrive in this competitive market.  Quality Logo Print and Custom Packaging  Create a branding package with Zakka Canada! We offer logo print on bag and box, custom card, sticker, price tag and jewelry polishing cloth. Minimum from 100pcs. Order here or mail your logo to to start. Check policy here and printed items by video

Our dedication to customer satisfaction transcends geographical boundaries. We've streamlined our operations to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our U.S. customers. With daily orders dispatched to the U.S. through and other platforms like Faire, Amazon, and Etsy, we've established a reliable and efficient system to cater to our U.S. clientele.

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We're committed to fostering a trustworthy and convenient shopping environment. Whether it's through our website or other platforms, we invite our U.S. customers to explore our vast array of jewelry display and packaging solutions. We are here to assist you every step of the way, feel free to reach out via email or phone with any queries. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to building long-term relationships with our U.S. customers, providing the same level of excellence and service that our Canadian customers have enjoyed over the years.

At ZakkaCanada, we believe in bridging borders with quality and service. As we expand our horizon, we are excited to serve our U.S. buyers with the same commitment and excellence that have become synonymous with the ZakkaCanada name. Your journey towards showcasing your jewelry in the most elegant and practical manner begins here, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.