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The Complete Guide to Bubble Mailers: Types, Material, Quality, and Pricing

The Complete Guide to Bubble Mailers: Types, Material, Quality, and Pricing

Posted by zakkacanada on 10th Jan 2024

Unveiling the Diverse Material Types of Bubble Mailers: More Than Just Packaging

In the world of packaging and shipping, bubble envelopes have emerged as a key player, offering not just protection but also an opportunity for brand promotion. These lightweight, flexible bags, crafted from one or more layers of bubble wrap, are integral in safeguarding products from pressure and puncture damages. But there's more to bubble mailers than meets the eye. Let's dive into the diverse types of bubble mailers and explore how they can be a game-changer for your shipping needs.

Co-extruded Film Bubble Mailers (Normal Poly Bubble Envelopes)

These are made by extruding multiple plastic materials together, resulting in a film known for its excellent stretchability and surface quality.

poly bubble mailers black white


Created by depositing vaporized high-purity aluminum onto a plastic film, these mailers boast a metallic sheen and provide an excellent barrier against air, moisture, light, and aroma.

Glamour Bubble Mailer Envelope


Combining polypropylene resin with calcium carbonate and pearlescent pigments, these films offer a pearly sheen, strong decoration, and excellent barrier properties.

Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers

Made from tough, water-resistant kraft paper, these environmentally friendly mailers are 100% recyclable, marrying durability with eco-consciousness.

Gold Bubble Mailer Envelope

Assessing the Quality of Bubble Mailers

Quality bubble mailers, typically made from high-quality PE material, are characterized by a clear, transparent, and smooth surface. In contrast, lower-quality films might display yellowing or dull colors, possibly indicating the use of recycled materials. The texture of high-quality bubble mailers should be smooth and fine, devoid of any grainy sensation that is often found in lower-quality films due to impurities and uneven melting. Premium bubble mailers usually exhibit meticulous craftsmanship and a refined appearance, whereas poor-quality mailers may suffer from weak adhesive seals and rough textures, leading to potential air leakage.

Premium vs. Economy Bubble Mailers: A Matter of Thickness

The main difference between premium and economy bubble mailers lies in the thickness of the bubble cushioning. Premium mailers typically feature a 3/16" thick bubble layer, offering enhanced protection for delicate shipments. They often boast a seamless bottom, providing additional strength and stability. Economy bubble mailers, on the other hand, usually have a thinner bubble layer of about 1/8", suitable for lightweight shipments. Their thinner design contributes to their cost-effectiveness, both in terms of manufacturing and postage savings.


premium bubble mailer

economy bubble envelope

Pricing Hierarchy: From Luxury to Economy

The pricing of bubble mailers varies greatly, influenced by their manufacturing complexities and material quality.

  1. GLAMOUR BUBBLE MAILERS: At the top of the pricing hierarchy, these luxury mailers combine metallic style with superior protection, ideal for shipments that demand both robust safeguarding and an upscale presentation.
  2. Premium Kraft Bubble Mailers: Offering a balance of durability and cost-effectiveness, these mailers are crafted with high-quality kraft paper, providing excellent protection for a range of items.
  3. Poly Bubble Mailers: Designed for versatility and efficiency, these are a popular choice for regular shipping needs, providing reliable protection with a lightweight design.
  4. Pearlescent Film (ECONOMY WHITE POLY) Bubble Mailers: The most economical option, these mailers cater to budget-conscious customers, offering adequate protection for lightweight items.


Bubble mailers are more than just protective tools; they are also vital for brand promotion. High-quality, aesthetically pleasing bubble mailers ensure that products not only reach customers in perfect condition but also leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s the luxury of GLAMOUR BUBBLE MAILERS or the practicality of ECONOMY WHITE POLY options, there’s a bubble mailer suited for every need and budget. Zakka Canada offers a diverse range of bubble mailers, from locally produced, high-quality GLAMOUR variants to economically priced options designed to help online sellers save on costs with our wholesale price.