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A guide to choose our jewelry boxes (Box with Foam Insert)

A guide to choose our jewelry boxes (Box with Foam Insert)

Posted by on 18th Jan 2023

For customers just started the jewelry business and are looking for cost-effective boxes:

We recommend cardboard boxes to start, and you may prefer foam insert if your jewelry will display and store directly in the box.  Please check boxes in all sizes here:

For example:

1. ZBOX2633 in black or white (linen-textured paper), size 3.5x3.5" can fit most jewelry in standard size. If your jewelry pieces are big and chunky, you can think about ZBOX2664 or ZBOX2696 (largest in stock).

2. If you'll ship your jewelry by Canada Post Lettermail (to save postage), you'll need box height under 2cm to pass through Canada Post slot, you'll need:

By using our shipping-friendly boxes, you're able to ship your items as a Lettermail (to have a couple stamps on), and avoid high Canada Post parcel fees.

3. We also have folding boxes (no insert) that you can think about. They are shipping-friendly as well (height under 2cm). It'll take your time to fold each box before shipping, it's OK when your sales are not high at the beginning of the business:

Please search ZBOX21TH/ZBOX23TH/ZBOX25TH/ZBOX26TH for more details.

You can check some of our boxes:

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