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Special Order Items

1st Sep 2016

What is a Special Order Item:

Almost all of our items are inventory items. We keep stock in our warehouse for everyday shipment and walk-in buyers. A Special Order Item is a Pre-Order item as we do not keep inventory. It's not available in our warehouse for same day shipment or pickup. 

A Special Order Item is for ORDER ONLY. Within 6-10 weeks of your order placed with us, we will ship them out to you.

How do I buy a Special Order Item:

Same as our inventory items, a Special Order Item can be ordered online, by phone or at our store. 

We suggest you place a separate order for Special Order Items only. 

For combined order with our inventory items, we may wait and ship the full order or ship out inventory items same business day as usual, and Special Order Items in 6-10 weeks later once they are arrive.